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La La Song


VALMAR is an Italian DJ and producer with a deep passion for music. After establishing himself as a resident DJ in his hometown of Rome, he began to make a name for himself in the industry, traveling and performing gigs in cities such as Miami, Ibiza, Amsterdam and  Frozen Festival in Macedonia.

With his unique sound, he has gained a following of fans who love his sexy and upbeat style. His first release, “Psychodrama”, was released on Black Lizard Records and quickly gained traction on streaming platforms. The track was even added to the popular Spotify playlist “Fresh Finds Dance”. His second release, “La La Song”, was released on Swutch Music and further showcased VALMAR’s talent.

VALMAR’s latest track, “Dime Donde”, marks his return to Black Lizard Records with an original composition after the success of his covers of the ’90s classic “I Need A Miracle”. This one was also supported by Nicky Romero and Blasterjaxx.

In addition to his work as a producer, VALMAR is also a DJ and the creator of The Lizard Party, which is held at various locations around the world. The party has gained a reputation for showcasing the best in electronic music.

Listen to VALMAR’s interview on NEXUS Radio here

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