Build your career with Origami Consulting

Artist Consulting

Origami supports the artist to build credibility on his project through his music productions and their promotion at international level. The team works aside the artist in every step of his/her career.

Continuity will be one of the fundamental keys in this path. There’s no sure-fire way to guarantee that your next release skyrockets you to life-changing success, but together we will do our best!

What does Origami do for the artist?


Origami team works with the artists to choose short and long term goals. Planning of a strategy aimed at creating international credibility to the Dj producer. Guide on artistic profile, analysis of productions.


Are you stuck in the process of creating your new song? Do you need to mix and master it, or have the sample you're going to use re-singed or replayed? Origami can help you with: Mixing, mastering, re-singing a sample, replay a sample, ghost production.

Track placement

You've just finished your new track but you don't have a label yet and you would like to find one. Origami can help you with: track placement, music distribution, sample clearance, label contract.


Your music will be released soon and you want to send it to DJs and get their support. Origami can help you with a massive Dj promo pool


Your music is finally released and you want to promote it on Spotify independent playlists, Beatport, TikTok, Blogs? We can help you. Focus on music production while we take care of pitching your tracks to the best independent playlist curators!

Radio Show

Study and consultancy guided at the creation of a radio show. Graphic and cover for each episode, guests and promotion.

Logo & Branding

Creation of a DJ logo (if needed) and study of the artistic communication for the artist profile.

Weekly feedback sessions on the artist profile and on music productions

Social media consultancy

Editorial Clearance Request

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