Mimmo Errico

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Acid Heart
One Cokeà
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The Rome based Dj Producer Mimmo Errico is as active as ever!
Mimmo’s sound is the result of continuous research and experiments… his music style clearly emerges during his dj sets and in his productions.
Whether he is spinning behind the decks or creating tracks inside his
studio, the Italian DJ/producer has a knack of delivering fresh and exciting content, as Oficina, Divergency and Ready or Not the mind-blowing tracks he released on BlackLizard.
Mimmo is strengthening his relationship with the Russian Which Bottle where he has released a series of successful releases such as Vodoo and Selva Sevaje
which reached #1Tracksource and #35 on Beatport.
Another release to mention, Feel it on Instereo Recordings!
Coming next KUNTA, on Which Bottle!

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