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It’s time to rise up


The artist from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is the antithesis of everything that is out there in the electronic music industry. Starting with his process of production and composing: all of his work is authorial, from melody to lyrics.
Manodom is a beautiful mix of 70’s Funk music, the hot nights of Chicago in the 90’s, with hints of Caribbean and Afro-Cuban music. His house music is fun and pop, made of powerful female vocals. He started performing at 11 years old, so… it’s a whole life dedicated to music.
While the world is going through the pains and uncertainties of Covid19, Manodom decided it was not time to stop. With big releases by record companies such as Transa Records and
Blacktone, the artist invests in 2020 and puts outthere new tracks and music videos, manifests and other dense materials. It is worthwhile to keep up with the artist!

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